Manage Imbalance Timely CAN Empower YOU

Personal+Professional Growth Needs Absolute Clarity! As a result, have your passport to freedom ready for the stress-to-success journey…

Hire Vision Needs Visibility

Technology made self-navigation even more accessible with very little investment; which is great! So it’s f’ree to become a member of the Vision; by signing up to get access and instantly.

Stress is NOT Free…On the Super-highway of Life ACTION required to hire your USP (Unique Selling Proposition) as an intelligent competitor!

“Success is a journey, not a destination.” Everywhere you look, someone and their company are collaborating with success strategists and performance coaches as they are the difference between profit and loss for busy professionals.

Profiting online is not easy for a new (or established) business owner so hire the right coach/mentor to fire the bad stress – REJECTION!

YOU deserve this timely gift for a healthy shot of surviving to generate and sustain the path to success with vibrancy… makes business common sense to increase profit potential.

Since inaction is so costly…
Success and performance coaches are excellent resources for professionals and entrepreneurs to survive and generate sustainable profits. Explore

Eliminate the Process of Isolated Thinking! Beating Burn-Out SysTEAM for Automating Protocols and Processes~>Decisively sign-up below to begin receiving your first lesson!

  1. Enjoy Getting Unplugged to Reconnect Authentically without Sacrificing what Matters Most
  2. NO Regrets Setting Strong Boundaries for Healing and Maintaining Healthy Relationships
  3. Raise Vibration Hire and Start-to-Profit FundaMentally

Overcome a bursting point by living an authentic life without sacrificing business, career, or family. Need High Value Clients to Build Ongoing Revenue? If you are at a crossroad or feel you are not achieving your full potential, consider raising your vibration.

Want to take your success hire?

Take a powerful stress-to-success journey for feeling refreshed, empowered, and clear headed. Helping to improve your balance as you travel the super-highway of life with much more ease, peace of mind, and confidence.

Your passport to freedom is for purposefully implementing unique ways to perform roles easier and with more drive to manifest goals decisively.


Proven life and business management systems to accelerate the 1st-class to success journey (in 1 year or less).

Weekly Coaching from the Comfort of Your Home/Office! Discover the steps to hire net-worth with a Time, Energy, Alliances, and Money expert:

On Fire K!ck ASSet Hire
PriceLe$$ Recovery to GO Pro+Fit

kickass-mindsetA month for a year’s worth of plan with online/offline strategies, delivered in easy-to-implement lessons for worthwhile growth opportunities.

In person, by phone, or Skype; clearly develop your own internal mindset process for overcoming re-occurring personal/professional obstacles. You will be guided step-by-step to make positive changes for advancing natural abilities for managing business for a healthier life-style.

VISION to stay organized – Hire SUCCESS to Fire Stress
2 Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching for goal setting and action plan tracking session to start systematizing the business processes to overcome a bursting point.
  • Completely set-up your life-style freedom business model that works with your personality, work-style, and goals
  • Stay organized to expertly communicate value authentically
  • Integrate automated business systems for more time and less stress for business success
    • Have your agenda to structure the call for focusing on your goals with action steps for next level of success
    • Email your “Success-Shifts” form with a progress update on assignment(s) before each session to ensure targeted goals are met.
    • 10 email accessibility for follow-up questions to keep you focused
    • Latest news with special motivational gifts for additional support (checklists, worksheets, articles and forms) to deepen learning and maximize opportunities to create what matters most
NEEDS to work-it-out K!ck ASSet Hire
4 Weekly 1-on-1 Coaching for goal setting and action plan tracking session for intensive business, internet, and marketing strategies. Increasing your online presence to target your most profitable clients.
  • Up-to-date, proven strategies, tools, and treats to maintain the 1st-class to success journey
  • 2 crisis call per month (15 min) to check-in for quick questions with coach for ViP attention via phone
  • Develop a proven system to enroll and manage clients for incredible results and create referral partners
  • Interactively manage lead generating system (with website “free giveaway”)
  • Steps to create an ezine with list building basics to develop and manage your online presence (with newsletters, events, networking, etc.)
  • Hire first (or next) team members to regain focus to create a successful foundation
  • Target/secure ideal clients with life-changing workshops & speaking engagement
  • Receive weekly notes with structured assignments to ensure targeted goals are met. Email your “Hire Success-Shifts” prep form with a progress update on assignment(s) before each session
  • E-mail support: 15 email accessibility for follow-up questions to keep you focused
  • Monthly Vision Needs Visibility newsletter AND special motivational gifts for additional support
VISIBILITY to look good – The iCAN-Jam Party!
Sit down 1-on-1 or as a group for a full or half-day to… Re-energize your prized asset…YOU! By bridging the gap for reaching beyond your limits because inaction is too normal.

It is hard work for to overcome challenges without balancing life to elevate success.

  • Specific treats/training to help fuel your growth while optimizing life fundamentally
  • Collaborative action for bigger impact and additional growth opportunities with The BOSS of Stress (invaluable!) Learn more healthy ways to elevate your success.
You deserve a life-style freedom business that practically runs itself on auto-pilot to fuel the 1st-class to success journey.

puzzle-ask a coachTechnology made providing affordable support for convenience and accountable more accessible!

Get Started Today for an Investment of $395 Per Month! Clarity Booster Session to discover if program is the right fit – to charge each month of $395 for the email coaching program. You may cancel your at any time.

Inaction is more costly without collaborative action!

Sign-up for weekly coaching sessions Click here to learn more by scheduling your complimentary “Clarity Booster Session” for more focus on health and wealth alignment.

Althea Francis is The BOSS of Stress® and the master visionary of “Your Vision Needs Visibility® TOUR” to K!ck ASSet Hire on The ViP Power Trip. A gifted coach who got successfully frustrated to decisively use rejection as stress to fuel the success journey. Althea believes disloyalty to self makes no business common sense when the goal is optimize life through life-long learning. Join Althea Francis in an in-depth coaching and implementation program designed to increase revenue and decrease overwhelm.

Unleash Your Unique BRILLIANCE from start-to-profit since self-navigation even more accessible with very little investment; which is great! It’s f’ree to become a member of the Vision Needs Visibility community; by signing up to get f’ree access and instantly to the 5-Part-eCourse.

Clarity Booster Session! Schedule your no obligation consultation to discover which program will let your Unique Brilliance Shine Brighter! FAQ are listed below for convenience… so explore renewing your mindset.


1-on-1 Coaching

  • Look forward to personalized attention to cover barriers to your success

Group Coaching

  • Enhance your company’s vision and mission by investing in today’s leadership

On-Site Consulting

  • The BOSS of Stress will visit your office (Greater Toronto Area) for on-going coaching support to maximize your business structure

Ready to re-ignite the 1st-class success fire?
Schedule a Clarity Booster session to review your unique needs and receive solutions tailored specifically for you.



Try a Clarity Booster Consultation & Goal Setting Session! $125/hour

(or $100/hour for retainer/contract clients)


Packages may be customized to meet your needs.For more details, contact us now to set-up a 30 minute complimentary consultation to soar ‘hire’. After our introductory conversation, the process to get started is simple – you will receive email instructions to set-up your coaching sessions.

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